Fabrizio Viscardi Fotografo Matrimonio La Spezia Cinque Terre

Wedding photographer in La Spezia, Cinque Terre, Tuscany

Wedding photography comes with various shooting styles and composition of final images: each style represents 'the signature' of the photographer. It is his/her personal way of representing the weddng event.

Wedding photographer: photojournalistic style or 'reportage' style

It creates a rean and very spontaneous story of events and it is characterized by stolen clicks that take up the spouses - at natural - in any environment where they are located. It can also generate unexpressed images but certainly not conditioned, not managed in any way by the photographer!

Lara e Andrea

Wedding photographer: the artistic style or 'fine-art'

It is based on the originality and creativity of the photographer, with a prepared plan before the event and with a strong post-production work based on filters, retouches and advanced Photoshop techniques.

Wedding photographer: the traditional / classic style

The photographer is almost like a coordinator and he/she is very much involved in the decisions on the spouses poses and every other detail of the service. This style includes the pre-defined posing of the subjects or, however, strong directions on how to stay, what to look, how to move ...

Wedding photographer - my style: the natural style (or even 'Candid Style')

Wedding photographer Le Grazie Portovenere La Spezia: Francesca and Terenzio
Wedding photographer Le Grazie Portovenere La Spezia: Francesca and Terenzio
My style is based on the following points:
  • 'Do not pose' for as long as you can... I will try to grasp the most frank expressions, the smiles and the most natural emotions, simple smiles, movements, glances, touches, ...
  • When I have to give directions, as for example during the preparation at the bride's home, these are very much generic to leave the bride (or the groom) of moving, laughing, joking ... in a natural way;
  • Preferring to resume without creating artificial compositions my post-production of the photos is deliberately contained (I do not add effects, overlaps, etc ...) working mainly on the colors (for example, transforming into black and white) and the lights...
I don't like the inclined horizons, shooting deformant wide-angle lenses, inappropriate artificial effects and anything else can affect or change the wonderful athmosphere of the event in too much artificial scenes.
Wedding Photographer Lerici Castello La Spezia:  Lara and Andrea
I love photographs in black and white : I am able, up request, to resume all or part of the wedding service even on Negative Films By now almost unknown but unsurpassed in the rendering of tones .

Wedding photographer throughout the province of La Spezia (Portovenere, Lerici e Tellaro, Cinque Terre, ...) and in many of the other beautiful corners of Liguria and Tuscany.
Wedding Photographer in Lerici: Lara and Andrea